Tombs, caves and mansions

Castle Rock season two has me scouring the web for references to Stephen King books I’ve never read. Salem’s Lot seems to be the substrate to this season’s star’s journey through the eponymous town, taking misery with her as she fights to protect her daughter. Will anyone stand by her?

Forecast recommends to try something new

The stinging pain of monotony dries out the soul, removing the moisture of passion and clinging to the husk that’s left as it carries out it’s vile nature. There is no stopping it because it is hardwired into reality. You experience things this way and they turn out that way. The best thing to do is remove yourself from the area of infection, these are usually spaces filled with an atmosphere, people and processes. Like a factory, these spaces are mechanical but on a natural level. Once you remove yourself from the infected space, the soul begins to heal, quite quickly. The fresh air feels fresher, the birds sound chirpier, the sun seems brighter, even when the days are still overcast. And you no longer have to soldier on, now you get to mosey on along like a prancing race horse on show day.

Swept away ash

Shit hits the fan when your neighbour nearly caused your house to burn down. It happened to a family member and there’s been fury in the air. The dog is too scared to go outside. Tempers are flared. There will be an assessment and later repair work. What a mess.

A return to form

During this hiatus period, I was dealing with a fit of creativity when I deep dived into the world of the story I’m writing. It led me to give further respect to this world by buying myself a new mini Mac, the T-800 of the Mac catalogue. No longer am I shackled to the 2009 MacBook that took longer to process tasks than an old codger still working and yet to retire. Now I have the processing power of a Terminator, able to utilise simple things like the Internet and core programs like FinalDraft without fret, cleanly and efficiently. Cradled between my new speakers, this beast of a machine is now the brain of my creativity centre, my man-machine interface, my fun. God speed.

A weekend

After finding $20 in an ATM at a video game bar, we decided to spend our free fun on Golden Axe. God that game is impossible. So we spent the rest on Metal Slug 2, great name, good fun.

Doom Patrol feels like it’s made on the cheap compared to other DC shows, but because it’s so weird, the story is pretty good. Interesting characters and mystery.

After reading the screenplay for It Follows again, I realised that the second half of that script is unpolished and a little painful. But the theme is good, the underlying metaphor about STDs, which is why it works so well even in its unpolished state. A rewrite would’ve helped though. Or making some sequels to explore the idea’s lore further.

And this