Wandering lotharios

These seducers of women, these deceivers like demons, working their way from the shadows to the hearts and beds of the better sex. With silver tongues and polished hair, they find their way in and bare. Eyes are battered, curtains are drawn, only to lose their lives amid a storm. Unlucky for them, Hercule Poirot was near, visiting an old friend in Devonshire. He detected the odd and taught the bobbies to hunt, clues discovered, the murder weapon found blunt. The rooms are full of ghosts, full of stories, bits and pieces to reveal mysterious glories. The air is musty, the case nearly solved, the people are pulled together, the drama of the theatre involved. Then the perpetrator is found, justice has come, Hercule Poirot has done it, the family no longer undone. Yes, there is no more this week, there is no more.

Conversing about work

He’s shitty with me this week because I accidentally included an incorrect name in an article, but then he published that article as an earlier version and got slammed by the stakeholder.

He hasn’t approached me about my minor mistake because his mistake was a complete no-no, so he’s been taking it out on me by being a little condescending here and there and treating me like a child in the classroom. Something he does to either me or my colleague when he’s peeved. A poor man’s management style.

The worst thing about it is the short, bitchy answers he gives to questions. It’s annoying and unproductive, creating a foul atmosphere that the team feels. All up he has issues inside.

I worked with a guy like that and we had an intervention, told him what we thought, let him moan a bit and then said we came to you first before making any formal complaints. He quickly changed his tune after that.

I thought about going to HR first instead of talking to him directly because he’s difficult to talk to in general. Hates talking about his personal life, becomes stand offish and throws up a wall. Plus my colleague is shamefully a very submissive person, so he takes the shit and rolls over to it, like a dog showing his belly.

I’m actually more thinking to start looking for new work.

Disaster movies

Here’s the thing with the disaster movie, the weirdly more adult older brother to the horror movie and second cousin to the action movie.

They always start off with a prologue scene that shows just how bad things are going to get. Then they go through the motions and slowly reveal the onset of the coming catastrophe even though we’ve seen where it’s going.

Then pandaemonium hits and we get to see that prologue again but in more detail and a lot more action. And because the older, more adult disaster movie is a cheapskate, there’s always some scientist explaining away the obvious plot and little scares just before they happen, instead of just getting to the point of the disaster itself.

Are they relevant anymore? Does anyone even care about them? They’re weirdly interesting in some respects and utterly pointless in others. And the more recent ones are the worst of the bunch whereas the ones going back to the 70s are actually pretty damn good. Maybe it’s time for a reinvention.

Sorry to bother you

Is very much the type of stoner comedy found at the back of video stores, hiding on the bottom from Steve Martin movies, Elephant Man, Jim Carrey before the 90s and random frat boy party flicks. It’s the type of film you would’ve rented each weekend just to pass the time in that one horse town, and it probably would’ve been funnier each time too. But it’s not back then, and I found this on a movie app on the TV. Think: Now! Apocalypse, Men at Work, Office Space, They Live!, and Dear White People and you will get Sorry to bother you. Then kick back, smoke a big one and sink in because this thing is a cruisey burn into a total WTF scenario.

3.7/5 tulps.

Professor X gesture, from a distance


I think the best resource this world has produced in recent years is the cloud. I’ve uploaded all my writing docs into that fluffy little storage space in the interweb and now have access to it at work or home or on the fly. It’s been very helpful.