Incident alpha minor

He called his best mate at work a self-entitled alpha male. It was out of the blue and said with hostility. He continued with saying how only an alpha could have thrown a shitty little shindig for his self-entitled mates which also included women. He set out to belittle him so he could make himself feel better. He was a sensitive soul. It was 8am and by the time they were both at work, venomous statements were repeated straight to the face.

His best mate thought he was trying to be the very thing he accused him of being, an alpha male, and failing. I wondered where such anger could have come from. The hostile man uninvited himself from his best mate’s after work drinks. He said he couldn’t drink on a Thursday. By Friday morning something had got to him. He was in his own head and his head was out for blood to make the pain of loneliness go away.

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