The Watcher

It’s definitely interesting watching people go through change, especially at the same time.

In light of it, I saw several different emotional reactions for each person the change affected. Some, at first, felt shock, anger, surprise, uncertainty or just indifference to what was coming next.

It was the fear of the unknown and the defensive measures for loss in action.

Change means something has to go and something else needs to take its place.

As more information about the change came in, I saw feelings turn into apprehension, confusion, disappointment, hope and a few other complex feelings.

I empathised and felt like I was watching people live through the same dramatic turns you see in film, television or prose. After all, drama and most other narrative forms stem from the human condition itself, like we’re holding up a mirror for ourselves.

Sometimes all you should do is watch. I thought about discussing this or that and even taking part in the gossiping that was going on. But the guy on my shoulder got the better of me and I kept to the sidelines as a silent observer.

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