Silver Surfer Inner Demons

Marvel in the late 90s was an interesting company. They were close to bankruptcy and at the end of their rope, but surprisingly still managing to release some decent comics.

I only read from this era sporadically, enjoying Busiek’s Avengers, Ellis’ Dr Strange and recently DeMatteis’ Silver Surfer, which was an exceptional and out there read. It did wonders to deepen what made the Silver Surfer so appealing.

The story itself starts off strong with why the Silver Surfer matters to Earth, the middle gets a little chaotic with time travel and the end firmly lands at a climax that pays off for more than 400 pages of plotting and character development. The story is an homage to the Lee/Kirby era with prevalent visual queues from Moebius’ Surfer, which overall makes the story, collected in the Inner Demons trade, simply great.

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