The explosion

A profane government career man experienced a fantastical deja vu when he picked up a saucer, which in a dream he once had a very similar moment occurred and was followed by an explosion.

The explosion in the dream had come from the saucer and the man turned away to avoid its force as it expanded toward a radius of thirty three centimetres from its centre. It seemingly felt to be a natural occurrence, not a self-combustion on the saucer’s part or a triggering on the man’s part, but more so a shift in the likeliness of the unlikely within the moment’s part – which to the man was a moment all too common, all too routine that it felt mundane enough to be just another time that he had picked up a saucer to place his cup of coffee upon before putting on his black leather shoes he only wore for work. He avoided damage to his face but his hand was in agony; it was black with flesh that had charred and then cracked. His spirit had retreated into itself with a fear of knowing and his body had began to sweat profusely. Then there was a stranger outside the window, veiled in an echo seven reflections deep, who induced a panic before the life-long government career man woke up.

As the deju vu passed, he wiped his forehead and took a moment to collect his thoughts, sitting down for the first time without a coffee and outside of his routine.

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