Unending fictions

There are servers out there dedicated to collaborative fan fictions by fans of stories or fans of genre. When you first visit these servers there’s an initial adjustment period to the ongoing stories that are there unfolding, like catching an episode of a soap years after being away. Then comes the surprise and wonder at the amount of work so many random people put in to these fan stories. Most of the time these stories come off as odd, slice of life episodes struggling to find any sense of plot, character or direction, but it’s still there, ongoing. And it’s probably on day 2767 of this one large story in the world of, well, take your pick. Cyberpunk is a popular genre. Gaming fan fics another. Most are found on Discord. I’ve never had a go, but I’ve watched certain threads play out on certain servers over the course of several weeks. It was mind numbing to be frank but kind of cool. An ongoing jam session, at times obsession.

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