Fire Walk With Me

In Fire Walk With Me, Cooper tells Gordon he had a dream last night then goes out to the hallway to stare at a security camera, then into a monitor room to see what that security camera can see, nothing, then back to the hallway with the camera to stare at it, then back to the monitor room, nothing, then back to the hallway to stare at the camera as David Bowie comes out of the elevator, then back into the monitor room to see himself in the hallway staring at the security camera while Bowie passes by. We’ve experienced time dilation and Bowie just teleported in from Buenos Aires to an office at the FBI headquarters, saying that he ain’t ready to talk about Judy, an interdimensional entity that eats souls, and points to Cooper saying that he is not who you think he is, referencing something that happens two years later when Cooper’s doppelgänger takes his place. This is how they introduce spacetime shenanigans in a detective movie without any true detective to solve the case, and it’s a small touch like that which makes this movie great.

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