We’re getting a Sandman tv show on Netflix. It’s being made Neil Gaiman, David S. Goyer and Alan Heinberg, which is a television dream team if there ever was one. Here’s hoping that Gaiman writes the whole season and they get a decent actor to play the Morpheus. I think whoever plays the titular hero will need to have a darker edge to them. In the comics, Morpheus is pale faced, wild haired and clad in black. I know for the Sandman movie, which New Line was once looking to get made, Joseph Gordon-Levitt was optioned to play the dream master. If they got him for the show, he’d definitely bring a certain level of credibility to it. If they give the role to a c-lister, the gravitas of Sandman’s role within that universe might be lost on us, and without it his capability to overcome even the Devil would have some trouble being established. I should unwrap the Sandman box set sitting on my shelf I got for Christmas two years ago and finally read past volume two.

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