The chase

A star speeder races through the ether. Inside the cockpit, a bloodied and angry humanoid pushes the stick to full, the after burners at overdrive, a tunnel entry into hyperspace bursts open in front of the speeder.

Trailing from some way behind, a crimson space dart – triangular with a single engine burning intensely – speeds up to make entry into the tunnel before it closes.

The star speeder passes through, entering hyperspace, which sends out bright lights and a shockwave in all directions.

Inside the crimson dart’s cockpit, the black clad pilot pushes the drive stick to maximum, speeding up his ship, it bullets through the shockwave and bursts into the tunnel as it closes shut – like water retaking space.

In the tunnel, reality itself bleeds as all things speed into pure white.

Both ships pop out of hyperspace at the same time, racing each other as they target a planet in the distance, Earth. They zoom past asteroids, the moon, satellites then pierce Earth’s atmosphere ferociously.

As they come down from the sky, they slow their descent and from there curve upwards, avoiding collision and roiling the water as they continue the chase along the Indian Ocean.

On the crimson dart, the pilot opens a comms channel on his heads-up display and explains to HQ that he’s cornered the perpetrator on a backwater planet in system 3468.A-F. A notorious criminal wanted in sixteen galaxies for a list of heinous crimes, the most notable, stealing from Oblivion itself, which is why he, Chaser Seven, is still on the case.

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