Dialogue for a rainy night

I spent the morning interviewing someone for a story. She was interesting not in what she spoke on but in how well she structured her answers. I kept thinking the story was writing itself, but also that it’d be interesting to take the transcript and give her words to a made-up character to see if it could work as story dialogue. Sure.

The transcription service popped out the transcript, I looked it over and thought, no, no, there’s something missing. This is not dialogue for a character. It’s so unrealistic. Some of it you could pass off, yes, but verbatim, no. This idea of mine would need to be tested properly. The process of writing will reveal all.

I could cut the transcript up and give dialogue to one character, then give dialogue to another character, make them converse – some creative liberties would need to be taken – then see if it holds. You know, I don’t think it would be up to standard, which brings to mind actors who do well with bad dialogue, such as Tom Cruise. But this test is something for a rainy day.

Technically, it is raining as of this moment, outside my window.

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