Plant life

We have several plants of varying species, such as a fern, a bulbous cactus, two average sized succulents, twin smaller sized succulents and a couple of others that I can’t recall of what type. I worry if they’re getting enough sunlight.

The position of our apartment doesn’t receive as much light as the plants need, but they have ways to compensate for such a lack in energy. A couple of them had parts of themselves shrivel up, so then they grew new branches and leaves from their sides to capture what amount of light they could. It worked out very well for them.

One of the succulents, the larger one that sprouts a long stem of bulbs every winter season, makes a creaking sound. When I first heard it I thought I was going mad. I stared at it for a good ten minutes before I confirmed the plant’s call. I then researched the phenomenon and found it was a natural sound the plant would make when it required water. I have since been watering it appropriately.

The cactus, on the other hand, obviously doesn’t need much water. But because it is small, perhaps the size of a tennis ball, I feel like I should be watering it or at least moving it to better spot to catch the sun. That said, it is doing quite well for a newcomer to our home.

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