Talky dialogue, bad plot

One thing I hate most of all in movies or even some books is when an abundance of dialogue is used to mask what little, flimsy plot there is because what plot there is is terrible. You can tell the writer is struggling for ideas so instead of thinking of something worth saying they just fill scenes with talky back and forth that lacks any stakes, conflict or even character. Characters who lack character. It’s the worst, and I blame superhero comics. Now, I love superhero comics, they’re great in many ways, but the problem I’m describing is a common part of them because superheroes have been around for a long time and that flimsy plotting and bad dialogue are just standard practice among them for business or editorial reasons. So now that superhero movies are popular, that type of storytelling is seeping through into new movies and books, and it’s wrong. Let’s just hope it’s a faze.

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