Weird Tales

In the midnight world, a woman with a symbiotic head head-butts people to merge with their minds, becoming a human crown, merged until death, which is why…

One man hates his life. He decides to become a detective. He finds himself a damsel to be put in distress, a shady neighbourhood to look out for and a villain to antagonise his efforts. Becoming a noir anti-hero, a hard-boiled agent of justice and a wild bull, this man learns what it means to be…

At the Agency of Doctor Moreau, where models are literally turned into the genre they’re modelling: Angels, Animals, Superheroes, Super-villains, Horror victims, etcetera. But when people start turning up dead, it’s up to…

A machine intelligence that gains sentience by ingesting consciousness-altering drugs, so it can stop another crime wave.

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