Sometimes these dreams do happen

She then heard a voice above her, which sounded words faintly as if very close. “Open your eyes, if it is really you, dear child,” the voice said. “See me, as I am.”

As the young girl adjusted to the light cascading into the room, her eyes began to give semblance to the thing above her, and in this form she saw what a child would see, here, a rabbit.

“At the time of when I came to be, the world had been begun to be designed by the chaos, which was the will of anger and sadness. It wanted to find balance so it could act clearly, thus creating for itself another side. This opposite side became order, the will of pleasure and happiness, and came to work alongside chaos in the creation of life. I was their witness.”

The little girl did not believe what the silly rabbit had to say, because rabbits can’t talk. She thought she had must of been still dreaming and decided to leave her room to make her way into her sister’s bed, where she would go when it would rain outside. However, the voice would not let her go because her sister was no longer there.

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