Once upon a time in Hollywood

I saw this movie last night and while I enjoyed it, I didn’t like it nor did I dislike it, but I did dislike the way the ending played out; not the violence, didn’t mind that, but what led to that violence.

It’s nothing like Tarantino’s other movies, it’s more in line with the other Once upon time films: West and America. More the former than the latter, to be fair, but similarities are there. And the most painful similarity is the three hour run time.

A long run time is ok if the story is exciting but unfortunately what Tarantino gives us is not. It’s not really anything memorable. Sure, the performances are good but there’s not a lot to get stuck into.

Instead what we get swept up in is the details of the 1960s world he’s painstakingly recreated. It’s great, but if you’re admiring that more than investing in the story, you’re not in the right boat.

Look, it’s not a terrible movie, it’s not a great movie, it’s just a bit of a notebook come to life. Maybe upon another rewatching, some time down the track, an appreciation may form for it. But right now, don’t trust the hype.

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