Take it from the top

Conferences are interesting affairs. I had one on Tuesday for work that was on data, nothing of which was of any interest. It’s not even in my field, I was just working it. In fact, I couldn’t even work with a clear head because I couldn’t stop thinking about Charlie Huston’s stories and dialogue and where I could get in some work on my screenplay all the while the tulpa alarm tingled over and over again, which I clicked snooze on – three days in a row!

Wednesday was a write off and by Thursday I wore myself out. It made me realise that you need to do that just to reset the system, clean the brain tubes and let them fresh creative fluids build back up.

Which is why I’m now determined to read through Charlie Huston’s top three best books. Crime and Noir stuff. I’m surprised this guy hasn’t done more because his dialogue, as read in his Moon Knight miniseries, is the type of natural sounding chatter that barks and rattles inside your head for a good while after the read. Perfect for the genre he’s writing in. Perfect for some writerly inspiration.

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