Disaster movies

Here’s the thing with the disaster movie, the weirdly more adult older brother to the horror movie and second cousin to the action movie.

They always start off with a prologue scene that shows just how bad things are going to get. Then they go through the motions and slowly reveal the onset of the coming catastrophe even though we’ve seen where it’s going.

Then pandaemonium hits and we get to see that prologue again but in more detail and a lot more action. And because the older, more adult disaster movie is a cheapskate, there’s always some scientist explaining away the obvious plot and little scares just before they happen, instead of just getting to the point of the disaster itself.

Are they relevant anymore? Does anyone even care about them? They’re weirdly interesting in some respects and utterly pointless in others. And the more recent ones are the worst of the bunch whereas the ones going back to the 70s are actually pretty damn good. Maybe it’s time for a reinvention.

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