Conversing about work

He’s shitty with me this week because I accidentally included an incorrect name in an article, but then he published that article as an earlier version and got slammed by the stakeholder.

He hasn’t approached me about my minor mistake because his mistake was a complete no-no, so he’s been taking it out on me by being a little condescending here and there and treating me like a child in the classroom. Something he does to either me or my colleague when he’s peeved. A poor man’s management style.

The worst thing about it is the short, bitchy answers he gives to questions. It’s annoying and unproductive, creating a foul atmosphere that the team feels. All up he has issues inside.

I worked with a guy like that and we had an intervention, told him what we thought, let him moan a bit and then said we came to you first before making any formal complaints. He quickly changed his tune after that.

I thought about going to HR first instead of talking to him directly because he’s difficult to talk to in general. Hates talking about his personal life, becomes stand offish and throws up a wall. Plus my colleague is shamefully a very submissive person, so he takes the shit and rolls over to it, like a dog showing his belly.

I’m actually more thinking to start looking for new work.

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