The Sun, The Moon, The Concept of God

Here’s a rambling thought on where the concept of God came from. I imagine that at some point during pre-history, humankind asked where it came from and from that assumed it was given life by, well, a divine being. A god or the God. But how did this concept of God form from such an assumption?

When there were pantheons of gods, there was a god for every facet of life. At the top of those pantheons reigned a supreme god, usually the god of light, a representation of the Sun. That giant burning hot ball of fire is what gives life to this rock we stand on. It provides for us because without it there would be no food, no warmth, no us. It is what lights our world day or night. How it lights the night is by the Moon, which reflects the sun’s light onto our world.

Now, when the monotheistic concept of god was created – the singular God, the All Mighty, who is omnipresent and all powerful, and who had a son that was part man – this very idea physically resembled what the Sun and Moon are to us at any given time in history. Our sun’s light is everywhere, whenever we can see the world without artificial assistance, the Sun’s light is what makes that possible, it is ever present, which, in a sense, makes the Sun omnipresent. By its size, we know it can fit a million earths in its belly and by its fire, we know it won’t stop burning for billions and billions of years. In that regard, to us it is all powerful. And when it disappears for the night and the dark creeps in, it sends us its one and only son, who is part of us, to continue reflecting its light throughout the night, so we don’t lose our way.

Whether the ancients picked up on this or not, the fact is the subliminal effect this system has had on us is evident in the many different beliefs about who we are, where we came from and what created us. For if God were here, then He is in the light and the light is our Sun.


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