The internet is annoying today

Do you know what puts me off the Internet or the blogosphere more than anything else? Bad writing. Particularly, broad, general statements and cliches. Take this one, “blah blah blah, something a rather, you know I’m a sucker for books.” I can’t stand cliches like that. It takes away any “thisness”, the “this is real” factor. I’m a sucker for fantasy books or a specific style of writing would’ve been more apt.

I read crap like that all the time. It’s so off putting, and that was but a tiny example. The worst is when reviews ramble on about inconsequential facts or when broad statements and cliches are littered about a text. Not even peppered, littered. It’s a mind numbing excursion through the wastelands enfolded into the alleys and cracks of the world. Read more people.

Put down your phone. They’re probably watching you anyway.

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