Falling inside of your head

Whenever you have a falling dream, you eventually quickly wake in fright as the gravity of the fall gets to be too much. But does the same thing apply, if you’re climbing in a dream? Would vertigo set in when gravity begins to pull down on your chest, the higher you go? It sounds like a bad case of asthma but it’s just nature’s law doing its job. The adrenaline that surges through your body when you wake from a falling dream can be intense and can stop you from falling back to sleep. In a way, falling inside a dream might be your body telling you it’s time to get up – something isn’t right, you might be sleeping on your arm and cutting your circulation off – so get up and stretch your legs. You must oblige, no one is ever that tired that they don’t, the adrenaline doesn’t allow it. Some people say it’s a sign your third eye is awakening and getting stronger when you’re aware of the physics inside a dream. I say you were probably in need of the toilet.

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