A day’s trip away from home

We came to the capital with the children, we did. Henry was going to ask the town-reeve for a job as a guard-soldier, for the upcoming knight’s tournament. Eliza was excited for that, all the spectacle and glamour, just as she was wide-eyed for all the food her and Teddy could smell. The reeve was sat on this red chair, a solemn looking gent, recently elected into office by the Earl of Loddon. Apparently, after the last feller went through a second storey window; sleep walking, they’s said. Henry stood there staring at the reeve, looking unsure of himself as usual, while the reeve looked at Henry as just another of this here local riff raff. I bet he’d be asked many questions in a day, the reeve, and would most likely respond with trepidation, I guess. There were a lot of thieves about, the soldier at the gate was saying, so I was guessing the reeve was worried about them. Terrible lot, they’s are, thieves. Henry said he could handle it. He always says things like that. But he’s just a farmer from the country side. Thieving is an occupation for city folk, and there’s no thieves back home, too many fed folk, I say. Looking around here – these big buildings and all the noise and people sellings trinkets and steel for the knights – I’d say the reeve might take on my dear Henry, just ’cause this place looks like it needs all the help it can get. I wonder if there’s any coin in that purse laying on the ground there.

Stopping pulling at me dress, Eliza, the little one needs to keep steady.

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