The Solar Domain of the Spinning Wheel

In the heart of our sun works a towering god to keep the fire brightly burning in the cold dark of space. She is a mythic figure, grandiose in her stature, powerful in her might, graceful in her poise, draped in liquid stone and crowned in a halo of time itself. Surrounding her is the great machine, which she works over to make sure our guiding star, our soul, never goes out. She keeps us warm, she keeps us fed, she keeps our seasons turning and our world alive for our stories to be read. For at the edges of the solar system, beyond the magnetic shield, are the langoliers, those that eat that which has passed and that which will come to be. They are after our history and will do anything to break in and devour our experiences away. But the towering god and her machine fuel the power keeping these celestial beasts at bay. It is a cosmic power that breathes life into existence, so we can breathe power into our faith that the sun will never go out, so help us Goddess.

Light has many applications.

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