Young Iggy and the Sword of Cairo

On the coattails of Jean-Pierre’s winning blow against the diabolical Lab Rat LX, young Iggy took the sword that JP was no longer watching over and ran off with it – first through the cracks of the crumbling building and then through the winding streets of Cairo after dark.

Little did Iggy know, a man with two right hands was chasing after him. Normally, Iggy would notice such a tall man following him, except that this man was following the boy from high above on the rooftops. With the way the moonlight was focused, the man’s shadow didn’t appear in front of Iggy as he ran, instead, the shadow was in three, two on either side of Iggy and one some length behind.

Quickly, Iggy turned a corner into a narrow corridor between buildings. He shuffled his way through, struggling between the encroaching buildings. The man with two right hands stopped above the corridor, planting his feet on either side of it. Now Iggy noticed the man’s shadow, high above him. The boy looked up and saw snakes slithering down the walls.

Iggy wriggled and squirmed, trying to push himself through the tight corridor, as the hissing got closer. Then Iggy felt something pulling at him from his feet, which yanked him up, turning him upside down and flailing the sword in Iggy’s hand all over. A snakes head then went flying and then another as Iggy flipped back around and to the ground on the other side of the corridor. The snakes had him, but by sheer luck Iggy survived thanks to his tight grip on Jean-Pierre’s sword.

Iggy could hear the man with two right hands screaming in agony. The snakes were a part of him, but Iggy didn’t know that. All he knew in that moment was that he was free, which meant he needed to pull himself together to run out of there. Blood spooled at the corridor’s exit, as Iggy launched himself like a sprinter.

To be continued…

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