Psycho assault and battery

The past few times I found myself away from here had been either spent collecting essentials or rations because of a largely irrational response to an ad hoc order that we now find ourselves in. This order has been put in place to protect the proletariat, the majority of us, from an invisible invader, so scary, it has us cowering indoors – learning to cook again, catching up on stories – during what must be an unprecedented phase of this millennium.

Never have more people known not what to do since, I’d surmise, the Spanish Flu of the early 1900s and never has more people known what to do since ingesting a decade of zombie survival viewing, like the Walking Dead, Black Summer and other viral outbreak flicks.

There is an inherent meaninglessness to it all, found in the unspoken words and corner shadows that are emanating the fears of our assaulted minds. And they are assaulted, this can be sure, all you need to do is look at the news to see the social order, the rules, the guidelines, the cultural programming of your place in humanity put into question, subverted or bent like rubber in ways more akin to what authors do to create horror plots or narrative thrillers.

Look at the similarities between movies like Contagion, or any zombie flick, and the world news playing 24/7 right now and you will see a psychological assault and battery in progress. The police are not coming to save us nor are we on our own. This is something new to us because it is something undocumented historically or fictionally.

So, here we are, looking out the window at a brand new world.

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