Light across the horizon

Our current state of affairs is revealing a penetrating needle dipped in melancholia rising from the depths of change. So off-settling is this steely splinter that it’s shifting the very foundations of society by enchanting our minds into having itself be seen as a towering spire equal to Babel. Like its biblical counterpart, man made in the collective unconscious, but, unlike it, unable to split our collective voice.

This crisis is teaching us, even on lockdown, that we speak the same words, sing the same songs and dance to the same anthems, which take the piss out of our solitary sentence. Who ever thought Alice Deejay – Better Off Alone would become so meaningful?

The new world beyond this time is waiting for us in silence on twilight’s Apollonian shore, where it’s coming to Spring, the birds are starting to sing and the last of the bats are flying home for hanging sleep. It’s cooler there, clean and fresh, the sun has purified the airways and there’s a lingering smell of freshly cut oak that’s ready to be shaped into bowls, tables and such for market sale, giving people a chance for a new way to live indoors.

Nature becomes cherished among all our senses in this new world and a zen-like spirit will begin to blossom from the ruins of this invisible war. It’s not on the horizon yet but it will be once the sun goes down and the night sets in and the bats flap by and the light finally gives view to our haven by a divine sea.

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