Don’t get mad, chill

We’re all under lockdown, an entire world asked to bear the ennui of self-isolation, and some of us are suffering because of it.

This suffering comes out as tics, back-handed compliments or clear indications of anger toward friends or loved ones. People are touchy, at the moment. So it’s a good time to remember where anger or better yet wrath stems from – and what forms it will emody and empower.

Wrath stems from darkness; when we’re lacking clarity or direction. Wrath is found in desire; when we can’t get what we want. Wrath is hidden in ignorance; when we’re unsure of something, making it easier to lash out. Wrath lingers in the flesh; when our body pines for that which it should not. Wrath hides in the mind; where it festers in the shadows. Wrath is a pathway toward death.

Move and rest. Live and reflect.

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