The State of Affairs in the Cult of Pop

The world is recovering from COVID-19 but there are still parts of it going to hell in a hand basket. The bat virus has been utterly pervasive, spreading faster than butter on hot toast, but it has also overshadowed the ongoing psychological virus that’s been permeating the noosphere (for lack of a better term) for the past four or five years.

This psycho-virus, which is too big to be named, devours rationality with the command to make you acknowledge a worldview delineated by safety politics as the only view permitted in existence. Thus it ultimately leads victims to see their worldview as the only one that matters and is permitted – alienating the views of anyone else and ones found in stories.

The latest rampant flare up of this strain of secular totalitarianism is found in the backlash to the story leaks of the video game The Last of Us II from game developer Naughty Dog. Regardless of what these leaks are to fans, what has happened here shows symptoms of this psycho-virus on both sides of the matter, the side of the fans and the side of the developer.

From what has been reported, the developer seems likely to have been persuaded by a worldview outside its norm and which it then injected into the story of its upcoming video game. In some respects, these plot directions that were revealed reflect the natural current of the story from the last game. But in other respects seem to be plot directions that feel shoe horned into a world that never started with such a worldview. This is from the fans’ point of view, based on their reaction to the story’s leaks online.

On the other hand, the fans affected by the leaked plot points have turned to shunning and roasting the game and its developers before having the chance to experience the game and its story, thus placing their own worldview before the worldview presented in the fictional story of the game.

And that’s the ultimate symptom of this unending psychological virus, people afflicted by it will put their own worldview before the view presented in a story, fictional or otherwise. They will want a story to submit to their worldview regardless of any other, not actually giving the story the chance to be heard, viewed, played, experienced in its entirety before judging it on its own merits.

I feel sorry for both sides here. This virus stems from idiocy. Idiocy is an extreme form of narrow mindedness that exists in the shadows of the mind – if the mind’s shadow covers a large part of the cranium, then you are in the dark on most things, but if the cranium is filled with light, wisdom, insight, whatever you want to call it, then you’re in a good place. These people are not, and I as a casual gamer have been intrigued by the opera of it all unfolding on Youtube.

In this lockdown, your decisions should revolve around wanting to up skill – take to writing more or learning to play piano and a drum machine, like I have. Hell, spend more time catching up on good shows, like Cannon Busters on Netflix, rather than the terrible ones, like, well, take your pick.

Don’t waste yourself and devalue your spirit with the nonsense that follows in the wake of the only real viral danger to us all, the psycho-virus that is too big to be named. Stay safe, stay frosty.

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