Fresh Air

Sometimes you just need to take a break from writing to reset the creative juices – especially in isolation. If you’re stuck inside most of the time and forgo any time to get some sun or fresh air, not walks to the local supermarket but actual time with yourself and nature, then the doors to the inner mind begin to close up.

You can spend your time on another creative endeavour, like making music, working on puzzles or drawing let’s say, but all it does is shift your focus for a while not reset yourself, which you need to do at least once a day. Most of us know this but hardly bother with it because what’s out there is what we’re isolating from. It’s a small fear mixed with the knowledge and feeling that everyone else is locked up indoors so why should we be any different that keeps us inside. But we don’t have to stay inside, the outside world is where the fresh air is.

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