Awaken, you

In order to live freely – free from yourself and the shackles of society and the world you invest yourself in which looks only to take – you shouldn’t label yourself as a specific type of person.

Be the you who believes in yourself. That person is free of all the the aspects of the world that look to take from you, that ask you to give yourself to them freely in the same way an Orwellian organisation would. They take yet are of a world that will continue turning without you, no matter what happens. This real you is abundantly rich in potential, wealthy in happiness, living in freedom.

The inner you pining to come out from within this soiled onion skin is the true master of your world because this person is awake – and with no need to dream of tomorrow because this true master of your world creates it. It matters not who you are now, a chef, a writer, a rioter, a victim, a pessimist, a wanderer, a musician, a poet, a soldier, a police officer, a brother, a sister or whoever you are, the real you needs to break free from the masochistic sleep of society that is plagued by spiritual diseases and fears. The real you is immune to it all. The true master of your world, the real you is immortal and thus you are too when you awake. Now!

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