The Flash

What if you were the only person who believed your father didn’t kill your mother

And you pursue this your entire life

And you spend your time trying to find the real killer, while working as a CSI

But you don’t get very far

Until the day the killer strikes you with lightning and offers to look after you

Now he trains you to get fast, very fast; unsuspecting he’s the real killer

But then a clue from your mother’s case puts you on the right track

And we learn that you and the killer were present, in the past as adults, at your mother’s death

Because you got so fast, you could run backward through time

And if you don’t let her die again, humanity won’t survive without you

— The Flash


If you are a collector of sorts and someone offers you cold hard cash for a lot of your collection would you take it? Sacred as it is, yes. You can use the money to upgrade another part of your collection. Just make sure you keep the good stuff.


Consolidating what’s been put down for a story being written in another notebook, the main one, will then percolate the creative juices via contact from pen to paper from which it then enters the computer to coalesce into a coherent concoction of codependent codes and codas that can coerce any mind into a new mode of tele-thinking.

Professor Xavier was going to die

Apparently in 1992, Professor X was going to be killed off in an apocalyptic fight against Shadow King and Magneto was going to step up and take charge of the X-Men, who were going to consist of the team you see here. Gnarly. This is why Chris Claremont should never have left and why editors can be utter morons.

1pm ramen

A good, clean lunch time ramen with well isolated flavours that don’t get in the way of each other, complimenting one another only when mixed. For instance, the seaweed has a strong flavour but it doesn’t interrupt any other ingredient. The broth is fresh and clean, not overpowering at all, but consequently with little there to commit it to memory. The pork portions are generous, three slices, lightly cooked but largely subtle in flavour. Overall, you would go elsewhere for dinner but, as a lunchtime treat, this ramen bowl would serve you right.

3/5 tulips.

Garlic Pork Ramen at Little Ramen Bar, Melbourne