A question to be asked often in life is how do you change a stubborn mind. A mind that has convinced itself of a nature not befitting anything other than the person’s ego. It is potentially a dangerous question because what would someone not do to make sure they do not change in the eye of the ego? Regardless, the question is asked and pondered many times over throughout the different seasons. No one ever gets the real answer but they do get close. Some record their trials. Some let it be. The stubborn mind is a powerful opponent. It has many answers to keep it self safe and secure in its own waking nightmare. What a sight it is when it awakes to the real world.

The storm’s eye

The calm floating along the air is there to be taken up in the fight with conjecture. It is easily attained and easily lost, especially as emotions rise. Calm is the essence of cool and cool is a state of mind that personifies greatness of a kind in reality. Keeping it is what matters, losing it is akin to losing your head at the guillotine. Awareness of this is where safety is found. It is the weapon against all else. Poise is the shield.

Mecha are knights

Here’s the interesting thing about mecha. It’s just an off-shoot fantasy about knights. Instead of swords clashing in the middle ages with young men clad in metal giving it their all, you have young men in the head of giant armoured machines giving it their best. Instead of the metal being silver and decorated in holy imagery or national pride, you have multi-coloured machines with design elements that signify beastly weaponry. Instead of swords, axes or morning stars, mecha pilots carry guns, vibrating knives or boomerangs that can cut through ships. Instead of smashing their faces in with their fists in close-quarter combat, mecha robots shoot their fists from great distances using rockets. Instead of riding horses like the knights of olde, mecha robots fly on giant wings that defy all laws of physics. It’s some pretty gnarly stuff.


One thing I’ve realised lately is that art can be more than just paintings, statues or antique thingamabobs. It can be a small collection of things arranged in a certain way or a single odd bit that makes other bits around it stand out. Really, art is individual and within your home it is especially telling of who you are.

Little rays of light, shining through

The importance of the sun is forgotten by many of us. We take it for granted and at times let our fears pull us away from the light. I don’t mean that metaphorically, I mean that literally. Some people are shut ins, they squirrel themselves away from the daylight hours inside their hovels and work on whatever it is that they deem necessary. They become starved of sunlight, vitamin D and whatever else the sun’s rays carry. All they need is a good 30 minutes in the sun to remember what they’re missing out on and to regain their health, like a superman. Sunlight is vital to each and everyone of us. Time in front of the computer or telly or game or phone is truly not. Those time wasters are a farce cooked up by the corporations to keep us docile. They have their purpose, they can be relaxing, but submitting to them is what makes skeletons of us all. Only there to obey and break. Whipped like weaklings. The sun breaks that spell. It obliterates the cold darkness that creeps over our lives when we don’t see enough of that glowing orb. Get yourself some sun. Now.