While on the Sunday

I can’t believe the garbage on Netflix. Most of the stuff on that platform should be shot. Randomly clicking, I found Black Summer, another zombie show, and I couldn’t get past the first five minutes. Dark Crystal, a slow burn fantasy with puppets that made my head spin with all the unnecessary world building, lasted ten minutes. All the movies looked terrible, the worst being a new Nic Cage movie with Amber Heard, which is literally the Marvel Comics modern day Ghost Rider storyline with a black Impala like in Supernatural, terrible camera work, three minutes of fast forwarding before I clicked off. Finally, Dracula. Another take on the novel but with more monster and a storyline built around the lingering questions from the book, like how did Jonathan Harker escape Castle Dracula, why do crucifixes hurt Drac, why does he have to be invited in to enter a home, why can’t he walk in sunlight, etc? See, that’s genius. Why reinvent the wheel when you can just turn it to go a way we all want. Apparently things are connected, the first episode was very good. Modern gothic horror with snark.

This here, machine of mine

The monotony of work is the hidden existential threat that we never saw coming. It’s the what will really cause a crisis on infinite earths and end existence as we know it. It is taking away our freedoms and marching over history’s graves, cackling like a hyena.

On a lighter note, Christmas is around the corner and its time to get into that ole St Nick spirit again. Fill the baskets up with presents and the fridge with turkey and ham and all that other good stuff. Put up a no vegans allowed sign on thy doors. But let them in for presents and desserts too.

With this here Game Boy from 1989, I have created a synthesizer using the nanoloop, a small cartridge that fits into the back of this ancient device to convert the system’s hardware and sound card into a beat making, bass rumbling, bit crushing music box. The sounds it makes are pretty wild, man.

I’ve also started watching Neon Genesis Evangelion again. The TV show. Will watching the rebuild movies after it. First time I’ve seen the show in 15 years. I must say, it is bloody good and has aged very well. They don’t make ’em like that anymore.

Henry V, King of England

The battle they chose to focus on in the Netflix film “The King” was a perfect little introduction to Henry V, who most people wouldn’t know anything about other than the name. I was impressed by the visuals, the dialogue and the actors. All in all, a very good film that needed to be cut down by 20 minutes, but no matter. This is still one of the best films on Netflix and a very good weeknight movie.

Tombs, caves and mansions

Castle Rock season two has me scouring the web for references to Stephen King books I’ve never read. Salem’s Lot seems to be the substrate to this season’s star’s journey through the eponymous town, taking misery with her as she fights to protect her daughter. Will anyone stand by her?

The Flash

What if you were the only person who believed your father didn’t kill your mother

And you pursue this your entire life

And you spend your time trying to find the real killer, while working as a CSI

But you don’t get very far

Until the day the killer strikes you with lightning and offers to look after you

Now he trains you to get fast, very fast; unsuspecting he’s the real killer

But then a clue from your mother’s case puts you on the right track

And we learn that you and the killer were present, in the past as adults, at your mother’s death

Because you got so fast, you could run backward through time

And if you don’t let her die again, humanity won’t survive without you

— The Flash


Horror season starts with this 80s screen gem about bondage demons and the consequences of forbidden pleasures. It was surprisingly good for such a b-grade affair. It pays to be Clive Barker. Even the creature fx made an impact or in this case got under your skin. Hooks and all.

3.5/5 tulps.

“Explorers in the further regions of experience.”

Once upon a time in Hollywood

I saw this movie last night and while I enjoyed it, I didn’t like it nor did I dislike it, but I did dislike the way the ending played out; not the violence, didn’t mind that, but what led to that violence.

It’s nothing like Tarantino’s other movies, it’s more in line with the other Once upon time films: West and America. More the former than the latter, to be fair, but similarities are there. And the most painful similarity is the three hour run time.

A long run time is ok if the story is exciting but unfortunately what Tarantino gives us is not. It’s not really anything memorable. Sure, the performances are good but there’s not a lot to get stuck into.

Instead what we get swept up in is the details of the 1960s world he’s painstakingly recreated. It’s great, but if you’re admiring that more than investing in the story, you’re not in the right boat.

Look, it’s not a terrible movie, it’s not a great movie, it’s just a bit of a notebook come to life. Maybe upon another rewatching, some time down the track, an appreciation may form for it. But right now, don’t trust the hype.